Five Things to do When Looking For a Long Term Care Facility

Looking for a long term care facility for a loved one can feel like an overwhelming process. As a leading geriatric practitioner in Southeastern PA, we know what to ask and what to look for. Read on for a few tips.

  1. Speak to Your Doctor: discuss and determine what level of care will best meet your needs. Options include assisted living care, nursing homes and more.
  2. Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck: assess your financial situation, what is affordable and what are the options.
  3. Location, Location, Location: pick a location that is close to loved ones, friends and your medical care providers.
  4. Go With Your Gut: visit several different choices and see which one feels best
  5. Ask Around: Sometimes "experience" is the best resource you can find. Speak with friends, family members, caregivers, your doctor and anyone else who might be able to offer advice.

 Flu Season Is Upon Us!

Vaccinations are now available at our office location for 2019-2020.  

Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against the influenza virus.

The flu shot is recommended for:

  • everyone 6 months of age and older, that includes YOU! The flu has been to known to hospitalize people 65 years and older, this can be prevented with the shot!
  • individuals who have chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, or metabolic disorders
  • residents of nursing homes and other chronic-care facilities
  • people with extreme obesity
  • child caregivers

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