Welcome to our Patient Centered Medical Home

Thank you for choosing Suburban Geriatrics. We are committed to providing you with the best medical care based on your health care needs. Now that we are part of this healthcare partnership the first step to providing you the best care we can is to understand your past medical history. We will ask you a full history today. Your detailed input and understanding of your past medical history is pertinent as we move forward in managing your care. Before you leave the office today, the receptionist will provide you with instructions regarding the transfer of your prior health records. It is important that we obtain these to provide the BEST care.

What is PCMH?

A Patient Centered Medical Home is a trusting partnership between a doctor-led healthcare team and an informed patient. It includes an agreement between provider and patient which acknowledges the role of each in managing your care.

Our Responsibilities: We will...

Listen to you and your family

Provide you with appointments that accommodate your schedule, including same day options.

Interpret tests and studies in a way that is easy to understand

Coordinate and communicate with all members of your healthcare team including specialists, home health team and behavioral health team

Review and follow up on any emergent, urgent or hospital visits before every office visit

Provide clear instructions about treatment goals and future plans after every visit

Offer you educational materials and other self-management resources to help better manage your health

Provide evidence based care as it pertains to you

Your Responsibilities: You will...

Be active in your health and acknowledge you are a full partner in your care

Ask questions and maintain an up to date understanding of short and long term healthcare goals

Provide us with your medical history including any changes in your health

Call our office as soon as you have any healthcare concerns

Inform us of any other visits related to your health such as emergency or urgent care visits or a self-referral to a specialist

Inform specialists and other members of your healthcare team to contact us and keep us up to date

Give us feedback

Bring a list of all health related questions to each visit

Utilize our patient portal at www.myquest.questdiagnostics.com to request appointments, communicate with providers and stay up to date on labs and diagnostic studies

What if I have a question before/after my visit?

We expect that you call us as soon as you need us, whether it is an issue for a provider or for the office staff. Please call the office at any time by dialing (610)272-8221. During business hours providers and office staff are available to discuss whatever your needs may be. During off hours, you can reach a provider 24/7 by dialing the office number and the answering service will connect you with the clinician on call.

How will you manage all of my medical information?

As your patient centered medical home, we will develop a comprehensive compilation of all aspects of your health. At each visit we will document a summary of our encounter. In addition, lab data along with interpretations of studies can be found here. In order to complete your health we receive and review any specialty reports as they are faxed to the office. These, along with the summary of any emergent, urgent or hospital visit will be found in your electronic chart. We pride ourselves in making all information easily accessible to you.

What if I need a Specialist?

We will manage all aspects of your health. Should the utilization of a specialist be beneficial, we maintain a varied network of local specialists which we will refer you to in order to best manage your health. We keep an open line of communication with all specialists in order to have a firm grasp on your health situation. At every appointment we urge you to provide the specialist with our personal information should they need to discuss your health further. We will receive a summary of your specialty encounters for your chart. We are trained to screen and treat behavioral health issues including depression and anxiety. We encourage you to discuss these behavioral health issues with your provider. If the need for additional counseling is required, we will again utilize our network to find a behavioral health center which is convenient for the patient. It is important to us that patients know behavioral health is a very important aspect of the patient's general health and will be treated as so.

What if you don't accept my insurance?

Feel free to discuss insurance compatibility with our staff at any time. It is our policy to manage health. You can expect the same diligent and thorough care regardless of insurance coverage. If you are uninsured, we encourage you to discuss insurance options with our front desk staff.


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